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Talking about writing software with Java
Want to talk about writing Java code? This is the place. From newbie problems to the most obscure discussion topic, maybe we can shed some light.
    Einstein argued that there must be simplified explanations of nature, because
    God is not capricious or arbitrary.  No such faith comforts the software
                    -- Fred Brooks, Jr.
  1. be kind to the newbies
  2. don't post whole assignments from your computer science course
Good form for the second one is to say "I have to do this assignment, and I'm stuck on such-and-such part." Even better form is to write about something more interesting. ;~)

Code posting hints
  If you post code, you might want to put it inside a <pre>...</pre> tag, as this should preserve layout, and cause LJ to ignore the special HTML meaning of < and > which are quite likely to appear in Java code. Don't post very long lines of code like this, though, as this makes some people's friends pages go askew.

Off-topic posting
  Users of communities such as this have a low tolerance of irrelevant posts, particularly community whoring. Quite right too. However, if you have a community covering a related topic, a single short post giving information is ok.
  We've had a few job advert posts. Some people didn't like it; some did. If you think a java_dev reader might be the person for your vacancy, don't post anything except a link to further details.
  We'd also prefer you not to post advertisements for software. If you have software to offer that might be useful to a Java developer, don't post anything except a link to further details. You are positively encouraged, of course, post about what aspect of Java devlopment lead you to writing the software, how you went about about it, what you learned, etc.

Other Java communities are also available.
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  8~) banana the maintainer

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