underscorer (underscorer) wrote in java_dev,

Need help again

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There's a stack trace that we can't see in the screen shot. That might tell you more about what actually went wrong.

However, are you sure that you want to build this with EJBs?
Yes i want to build it with EJBs. Here are the pics of the stack trace.Screenshot (36)
Screenshot (37)
Screenshot (38)
Screenshot (39)
Screenshot (40)
It's easier to read if you copy the text of the stack trace rather than use screen shots!

It's a database problem. You're trying to update a sequence, and that's not working for some reason. I've never used the Derby database. Try googling "derby" the error numbers in the last exception.
sorry about that but the stack trace outlasts the number of characters this text box can hold
...and EJBs are a world of pain for not much gain, which is why I asked if you really wanted to use them.
ah well im working on a project and im required to use EJBs so im trying to learn and fast at that.